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Jamie Vos Love is an internationally renowned psychic medium, remote viewer, channeler, activator, ET experiencer, and mentor who has appeared in several guest speaking events. Prior to her spiritual journey, Jamie promoted major and indie artists such as Radiohead, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains), Nickelback, BoyZ II Men, Avril Lavigne, Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Eat World, North Mississippi Allstars, Paulino Rubio, and Butch Walker. Now, a go to guide for visionary leaders shaping the future, Jamie supports raising consciousness, uniting Starseeds and gift expansion. She is the creator of the Starseed Ascension collective, co-creator of the Unleash Your Power Academy, author of 15 Sacred Ceremonies with Ayahuasca and radio/podcast Host of the Starseed Ascension show on the Un-X Network. She has interviewed experts and authors in the paranormal, ET and UFO fields such as Alan Steinfeld, Dan Harary, Dr. Linda Backman, Margie Kay and Ella Lebain. Jamie has been a Medium on Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best, a guest on Un-X Network News, the Hannibal TV Show and the Timmy Gibson Show. She was mentioned and recommended by celebrity Busy Philipps on both the Las Culturistas and Ghosted! podcasts. Jamie was a Starseed/ET panel speaker at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo. She is a MUFON member and founding member of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. Jamie is currently working on her next book and conscious media projects. 

Jamie's abilities began when she was young, but there was a period of time that she shut them out due to trauma. When her abilities came back "online" they appeared to have returned even stronger. She was initially guided to become a Reiki Master Teacher, study advanced Shamanism and teach intuitive/psychic gift development while regularly channeling messages from many dimensions such as departed souls on the other side, angels and galactics. Her journey has taken her to other parts of the world to study healing arts, work with plant medicine and receive activations at sacred sites. Jamie is a Starseed Soul with an intention to help raise consciousness and support others on their journey. There was a time she struggled and did not wish to be here. Through healing and channeling, she now whole heartedly believes we all have a self healing mechanism and greater Divine potential that can be accessed to create the reality we desire. She assists others in accessing this great power within. 

"I came here to help remind people who they are, and to help redistribute an important message, one song, the song of love." Jamie Vos Love

"Our Presence is Stronger than Your Fears." Arcturian Council


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