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Ascension Cycles


Humanity is going through an evolution, and our bodies are rapidly changing. We are becoming less particle and more wave, as we work on the light body. Over the years I have found that learning to manage our frequency, finding peace internally when the world is chaotic, trusting our intuition and utilizing our abilities in someway of service (whether it's in a behind the scenes personal way or a professional way) are all beneficial in creating the life we desire. Through this process, building a good relationship with your heart will be key and that moves you through an incredible journey. With the powerful energies streaming onto the planet during the great awakening (ascension waves/solar flares/cosmic rays), our bodies must be able to receive it, and then beam it back to others. Think of yourself as a powerful light house. You have already started to expand your abilities that are vital to this process. 


These gifts can range from telepathy, healing abilities, psychic abilities, premonitions and ability to read energy energies just to name a few. 

The waves can activate a series of physical and emotional ascension symptoms: confusion, sleep disruption, headaches, dizziness, chills, sudden intolerance of certain foods, fatigue, relationship shifts, blurry vision, anxiety, heart palps, fear of dying, thirst for esoteric knowledge, feeling as if something big is going to happen, observable expansion of psychic powers, vivid dreams, nausea, digestive issues, twitching, muscle joint paint (this is not an exhaustive list).

Our entire bodies are transforming as we move deeper into the heart space and become more wave, less particle. 


Why light code activations are important. 

Light codes are rays of light that hold encoded information. Once the body receives, activates and encodes this information it can delete old programming (limited beliefs/patterns that keep our energy stuck) that has been in the way of creating the reality we desire. Activations can happen on timed codes set to awaken dormant aspects of our DNA, and at other times, we have sacred contracts with each other to help lead and support the activations. They help better align us with the frequencies of energies streaming on to our planet. 


The Energy Field is similar to having a TV on with the volume on low in a different room of the house. Just because we cannot see and hear it doesn’t mean it is not on. 


It works like this (this is a very broad description as there is much more to it than this)

  • Energy comes in and removes a layer of a limited belief structure by first pinging it and bringing it to the surface, often in an amplified way (e.g. I’m not good enough, I don't have enough money to what I desire, I'm stuck in this house, relationship, job, etc. - this is often very emotional)

  • Another layer of the limited belief replaces the space where the energy has just been freed

  • The process continues until we are liberated, no more energy to free up tied to limited belief structure or judgments of ourselves or others 

(There are also some waves that will ignite mass awakenings


The energies are repairing our central nervous system that has been shocked by a series of trauma, leaving dense energies in our body. Trusting that we are safe in our body will play a key role in our healing journey and in trusting our intuition.


When we revert to our trauma responses of fight, flight, fawning and freezing, we escape the rebuilding of that new circuitry. 


When we allow the energies and emotions to surface without bypassing, the new circuitry can rebuild. It can feel super uncomfortable in the process, yet when our central channel begins to clear, life gets better. We become more of our authentic selves, and that creates abundance on all levels.  


The challenges that arise during the repair process is when events come up that create emotional charges and trigger you. 

A Couple Tools: (in addition to meditations, activations, Akashics, breath work, journaling, energy clearing, nature, grounding and more) 


Light Scanning: 

Drop into the body and identify where you are feeling it. Putting your attention there tells the body, “I see you. I feel you.” That gives the part of our circuitry that needs rebuilding the green light to do so. Now focus on an area of the body that does not feel triggered (I use the heart unless the heart is the triggered area). Guide the energy from the heart space to the triggered area. It may take multiple times whereas other times we can make big shifts at once. 


This changes the frequency of the body so we can shift to Creatorship. When we do this, we are healing many others simultaneously although we often are unaware of how great of an impact. 

Positive Body Talk:

Dr. Masaru Emoto is known for a study in which he begins with 3 vials of rice and grows them over a 30 day period. The first one he says, "I love you" to everyday. The second he says, "You are an idiot," everyday. The third one he completely ignores. After 30 days, the first one has flourished, the second one turns black and the third molds. This experiment has been repeated with plants, fruit and water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Each cell contains light and holds a frequency. When we speak lovingly to ourselves, it raises the frequency of the cell, which can alter how we feel and help keep us healthy, just like in the experiments. 

These are only a few examples of a wide array of techniques that may be beneficial, as each individual is unique. 

To work together for Ascension support, healing, energetic frequency management or gift development and expansion, please contact me to book a consult or set up an individual session.

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Much Love, Jamie


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