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We're Here to Raise Consciousness and Unite through Love

Starseeds are cosmic souls originating from distant star systems and galaxies, each carrying a unique mission and purpose to assist humanity and the Earth in its evolution. Starseeds receive a call that often feels like a sense of urgency that something big is happening and that they should support humanity. By honoring their mission, embracing their gifts and shining their light brightly, Starseeds contribute to the co-creation of a more harmonious and loving world. 

Starseed Gifts and Abilities include Strong Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Manifestation, Healing, Frequency Tuning, Channeling and More.

Common Starseed Traits:

A deep sense of longing for a home that is not here or feeling of not belonging of Earth albeit very passionate about helping the Earth

An innate understanding of metaphysical concepts and spiritual wisdom (a wise soul)

Heightened sensitivity to energy, emotions, and the unseen realms. 

A strong connection to nature and the cosmos, often feeling drawn to stargazing and celestial phenomena

A profound empathy and compassion for all living beings, coupled with a desire to serve and uplift humanity

Do not like rules or restrictions

Often vidvid dreamers 

As Starseeds awaken to their cosmic mission and embrace their true nature, they may encounter challenges and obstacles along their journey. By staying aligned with soul purpose, cultivating self love and connecting with other Starseeds and like minded souls can be helpful. 

My Story 

As a young child, I remembered where I came from and strongly desired to return after being here for a few years. The desire to return came from the distant memory of "home" and the strong vibration of unconditional love. I understood the trauma I was about to endure on Earth and nearly took my own life at a young age to escape it. My Andromedan Guide Patu would interfere and guide me back to love. I would forget all about Patu until many years later. 

At some point, my gifts took a temporary hiatus. Coming from a place where telepathy was the main form of communication, it was hard for me to verbally communicate or express myself.  It would be several years, a series of traumas and an investment in my own personal healing journey before I felt the gentle nudge of spirit and my star family calling again, encouraging me to share my gifts with the world. 

I now see the darker times as a gift. My vibration was shattered so that I could heal and draw upon my experiences to help encourage others to heal and raise vibration. This is part of my soul mission, and I am passionate about supporting other Starseeds and Lightworkers who may be experiencing challenges in this incarnation and would like to expand their gifts and work on light body ascension. 

As a Starseed and Galactic channel, I work channel messages from many galactics (Andromedans, Mantis, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians, Lyrans, Cygnusians, Centaurians, Eridanian, etc.) including the Galactic Federation of Light. There are new ones coming in as we move farther down the Ascension path. I often channel my Andromedan Guide Patu.

Please indicate Starseed when you book a session to customize toward this unique energy field. For additional Starseed events, please visit my sister site

To learn more about my personal journey and connection with ET experiences, please visit 15 Ceremonies with Ayahuasca section (my experiences predated my plant medicine journey, yet they pointed me in the direction of deeper healing).  


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