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"To say Jamie is anything less than a tremendous talent and healer would be an understatement. She is deeply intuitive, loving, and gentle. I immediately felt safe and held by her warm and nurturing presence. Over the past few years, Jamie has helped me through massive moments of transformation and change both on the inner and outer levels. She is a godsend, truly, the woman I go to when I need deep insight and help coming back home to my center and knowing. She always points me back home for the answers already within, the sign of a true sage and master teacher. Run to her!"

Sarah, Filmmaker 

"Jamie has a beautiful way of taking someone when they are in a really scary place and providing this light to them and a sense of hope, not in a way of telling them what they want to hear but explaining how it works and how it is part of a process and part of the work. The healing she provides helps clear blockages. You come out feeling healed. You feel better even because there is a sense of purpose in all of it. She is a great teacher, a great mentor and her heart carries a place for your tears. She is gentle, patient and powerful. I somehow come out of her sessions feeling like I am transformed and have traveled from the 3rd dimension to another place." Lori, Entertainment 

"Jamie is amazing and picked up on so many things about me that was just mind blowing!! It was very helpful and encouraging in my continued personal goals!! Jamie is very genuine and positive!! I highly recommend her!!"

Michelle C.

"I attended a plant based ceremony with Jamie. This is my second one in addition to several other services I have had with Jamie. Jamie really took the time to honor and hold space for my energy. She sent me some healing and paid close attention to my needs. I was able to process things that came through after the ceremony with her. This was extremely helpful because I need to share in order to process sometimes. I highly recommend doing this with Jamie if you want to go deeper to really figure out what to let go and clarity of next steps." 

Michelle, Intuitive Healer 

"Jamie was very kind and gentle in my reading, especially when loved ones on the other side were revealing heavy details of my life. She was authentic in feeling my energy and understanding what I went through without me sharing any information. Her energy is warm and inviting, and I felt welcomed instantly." 


"After many months of searching for clarity, I finally gained some after talking to Jamie.  Something told me to reach out to her and I am so happy I did. I was amazed at how genuine and comforting she was in her approach. I still can’t believe she knew certain details about my life that only I would know. It’s been over a week and I am still reflecting and making sense of things Jamie and I had talked about. She definitely helped give me some perspective on my life that I have been so desperately seeking. Jamie is just a good hearted, kind person who you feel like you can just be yourself around. She is a very special person with a very special gift and if you are looking for some clarity in your life, you need to reach out to Jamie! What an experience!"


"Mind Blowing. I received the closure I have been waiting for almost a decade. Jamie's energy is everything and more. I can't wait to Skype her!"


"I could not believe how many light orbs I saw around her during our Skype reading. She tapped into my Grandmother very quickly and confirmed I was wanting to move." 


"Jamie is a true healer!! I felt instant results and left floating on air. Her insights were right on and help give me clarification for my future. I will definitely come back."

Michelle S.

“Jamie has helped transform my energy in many ways. After a session, I always leave feeling relaxed, and revived. Not only does she know exactly where the pain points are but she also is able to receive channeled messages and easily integrates them into the session and will share whatever comes through at the end. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone in need of healing physically or emotionally.”


"So I wake up one day and something in my mind tells me to go get a reading today. Luckily I’m blessed with spiritually connected friends and get a referral from them to see Jamie.
I get to Jamie‘s office and she was so warm and welcoming and I Instantly felt calmness come over me. Jamie was able to channel information for me and offer many validations as well. It was like a therapy session that lifted a pile of bricks off my shoulders and left me with a permanent smile and a feeling of lightness. My experience with Jamie was so healing that I’ve committed to seeing her on a monthly schedule to receive whatever I feel I need in that moment whether it be a reading or energy healing or even just a conversation discussing our spiritual gifts. I’m grateful to have her in my life and would refer her to anyone that may be in need of love, light, and healing."
Sincerely Mariam 

"I have gone to Jamie twice now and she has definitely changed my life. I can't not recommend her enough. Everyone needs this at least once in their life. It's so comfortable with her. Everyone must go. You won't regret it." 

Amy Z.

"Jamie is the real deal. The energy healing I received was absolutely amazing, and the reading I received afterwards was astounding. I'm highly skeptical and more closed off and guarded when it comes to these things, so hearing what she picked up on blew me away. I highly recommend her."


"Wow! What an amazing, calming, and peaceful experience! Jamie was kind, spot on, and soothing! I highly recommend seeing her! You will be glad you did!"


"I have had intuitive healing done before, so I was aware of the power of what she does. I heard about Jamie through my sister and she said I had to go. What I didn't know was how awesome Jamie is at what she does. She is also a super down to earth person."


"My experience with Jamie was amazing. I would highly recommend visiting with her. Her insight has helped guide me in ways I did not know existed. Her presence will be with me forever."

Amy P.

"Amazing. Far exceeded my expectations. Would recommend without hesitation." 


"Jamie was absolutely amazing. Everything she said was spot on. I've never experienced someone as gifted as she is. She truly has an admit talent. I will definitely be going back again." 

Jordan, Ann Arbor

"First experience and Jamie was awesome. So relaxed and centered when I left. I will def go again." 


"My first experience...relaxing, peaceful environment. Jamie answered all of my questions..I'm looking forward to my next session." 


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